May 18, 2012

What's New

Oh, my badly-neglected blog. I'm so sorry I've been ignoring you! This blog is where I first started "sharing" my writing. It began as a way to get my writing out into the world and to search for an audience - and to get feedback. I love blogging. I haven't had much time for it lately though. In the past three years I've had two children, two books published, we sold our home and moved into a new one, and then there's also my "day-job" with the school district that I've worked in between babies! Life has been busy. I'm not complaining - I've been loving every minute of it, but I have been struggling to find time to write. Which leads me to my first announcement...

BOOK THREE in THE LOST MAGIC SERIES will be released by Central Avenue Publishing sometime in late 2012/early 2013!! It depends on a few variables and I will share the exact release date with you as soon as it's decided upon. But the third book is in the works! Title and synopsis will be announced soon - look for it in the Central Avenue summer catalogue (available July 1, 2012).

And my second announcement, that I'm quite excited about :) I've decided to restart my blog and to run a short series of "features" to connect with and support other artists, writers, musicians, etc. in my community. I'm lucky enough to know quite a few talented individuals and to live in a supportive and close-knit community. I thought running these features would be a neat way to show people what I'm into, the unique businesses in my community and the creative and talented people I know. So stay tuned...



  1. looking forward to reading both your new book and your blog

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  2. YAY! :) SO excited to hear that Book Three is coming. I think many of us can empathize with the many hats that we as women wear, and I think it's amazing that you can do all that and still pursue your love of writing. Staying tuned!