May 29, 2012

Baby Bloggin' with Cara and Thorin

I just love things that rhyme.

So my second featured blog is Thorin's First Year ! This is an adorable blog written by Thorin's mommy, Cara. When I asked Cara to describe what her blog is all about, she said...

"My blog is basically my journal - a way to document all Thorin's milestones and achievements over his first year, I don't want to forget anything!"

I look forward to reading Cara's posts each month for several reasons. The most obvious reason is because Thorin was born just days after my second son. It's fun to read about what Thorin's up to as I can DEFINITELY relate and I'm sure other moms can too. And I love personal blogs that give their readers a glimpse into the writer's life - I find it fascinating (I'm a reality-TV fan, can you tell?). Thorin is Cara's first child and her obvious enthusiasm and pride in all that he does is both heartwarming and inspiring. Cara's posts remind me to appreciate and acknowledge how much our little ones change and grow each day. And, of course, to cherish every minute.

Cara is also a talented amateur photographer and her beautiful photos document Thorin's adventures and compliment her posts perfectly. He is such an adorable little guy; it's pretty hard not to smile back at the screen! Here are just a few of Cara's photos - you'll find lots more on her blog.

I think all parents can enjoy and appreciate this blog, along with Cara's family and friends. I hope you'll check it out! And just in case you missed the link - go HERE.

Stay tuned for the next feature and a new blog post with an exciting announcement, coming soon! :)


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