Nov 1, 2011

SILVER DEW is Coming Soon...

SILVER DEW, my second novel and the second book in my YA, paranormal romance series The Lost Magic, now has a release date - December 1st! I'm very excited for the launch of both the ebook and paperback, and hopefully if you're reading this you are too. If you review Young Adult books and are interested in reviewing an advanced readers copy of the ebook (eARC), please contact ireadiwrite Publishing (eARCs available November 7th).

To celebrate the upcoming release of SILVER DEW, my publisher is offering AMBER FROST (the first book in the series) on sale for just 99 cents for the month of November only! Now is the perfect time to re-read the first book or to get a friend hooked on The Lost Magic books :)

My publisher is also offering a giveaway of SILVER DEW on Goodreads! There's a link below to check out the details and enter to win. There are 2 copies available I believe - good luck!

Thanks for all your support. Can't wait for December 1st!


Purchase AMBER FROST on Amazon for 99 cents HERE

Purchase AMBER FROST on Smashwords for 99 cents HERE

Learn more about SILVER DEW and enter to win a copy on Goodreads HERE

Watch the AMBER FROST video trailer HERE

Oct 22, 2011



AMBER FROST, Book One of The Lost Magic series is now available in paperback! To celebrate its release and to thank all of my wonderful supporters, I've decided to offer a free, signed paperback copy of AMBER FROST to one of my fans. All you need to do to enter this contest is to COMMENT on this post. I will draw the winner on Friday, October 28th and announce the winner Saturday, October 29th here and on my Facebook page. Make sure you "like" my Facebook page too - there are lots of exciting events and giveaways coming up as we prepare for the release of SILVER DEW, Book Two in the Lost Magic series and my Facebook page is generally more up-to-date than my website.

Thank you all so much for your support!


Sep 27, 2011

I'm Back - I Think

It’s been a long time, I know and I apologize. As I’m typing right now, I have my almost-three week old baby asleep on me and my two year old napping in the next room. Yes, life has been busy (insanely so!) but in the best possible way. Things are finally starting to settle down. I’m getting myself into a new routine and part of that includes making time for my writing, again.

Lots of exciting things are happening in my life right now – my first book, Amber Frost, is being released in PRINT (a “real” book as my Gran would say, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). I’ve finished writing my second book, Silver Dew, (the sequel to Amber Frost) and it is currently going through the editing process in preparation for its release this December (in both print and e-formats!). And we have recently welcomed a new member to our family! Our beautiful little boy was born at the beginning of September. He’s my second child and thankfully, he sleeps more than his older brother ever did!

Having a newborn in the house again has brought a lot of changes and differences from the first time around. I laugh as I remember how much time we spent quietly gazing at our first child and murmuring in soft voices over how beautiful he was. Our second child is a little angel too (don’t get me wrong) but there’s little time for sitting and gazing in awe these days. We have our occasional quiet moments but most of our day is “go-go-go”. My two year old operates at one speed – turbo! And we all have to try to keep up. I’ve also realized since my second child was born just how LOUD my toddler is. His favorite game seems to be “wake-up baby” right now. My step-Dad laughed when I commented that I just realized how loud my older child is the other night and he informed me “we could have told you that a long time ago”.

I’m dealing with the inevitable Mummy-guilt too. No matter how hard I try, I feel like someone or something is getting neglected whether it’s my toddler, my new baby, my husband, my writing, my friends and even myself (mostly myself!). As a wise friend pointed out, we (as mothers) always seem to focus on what we aren’t doing “right” and we tend to overlook all of the things that we are. My main accomplishments these days are showering, getting laundry done (how does one tiny baby create three times as much laundry as a grown man?) and remembering to feed myself. But I’m also getting out of the house more each day, cooking, cleaning, playing and cuddling with my boys, writing, visiting with family and friends and also trying to find time for myself and my husband (who’s about to turn 30!!). I’m trying to celebrate the small victories, like finally updating my blog and going to the grocery store, alone, with my two boys – and surviving! It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, being a Mom is the greatest and hardest job on Earth.

I will try and post again soon; it’s on my never-ending “To-Do” list. In the meantime, check my website, Twitter and Facebook pages for news on upcoming events. I’ll be doing a live chat with The Long and Short of It, Yahoo chat group tomorrow (read my recent interview with The Long and Short of It HERE). Keep your eyes on the Amaterasu Reads site for an upcoming review and giveaway of Amber Frost too. Books in the Spotlight will also be featuring a review of Amber Frost this Fall.

Thanks again for reading what I write.


Mar 14, 2011

Let's Get Personal... Or Not.

I haven’t blogged in a while. There has been a lot going on in my life - which is really no excuse at all. You would think that all the drama would have made for some great blog posts… or does it?

December 25th I found out I was pregnant. Early February, before I’d reached the security of the twelve week mark, I started having some indications of a miscarriage. Tests were run, ultrasounds took place, results came back (not all good). I was eventually told everything appeared to be ok and that my symptoms may have been from losing a twin early on but there was still one healthy baby.

In the midst of all this, I wrote a three-part blog series about my experience facing the possibility of another pregnancy loss. It was extremely personal. I cried while I wrote and poured my heart out on each page. But then once I had finished my work, I found myself strangely reluctant to post it on my blog. I usually enjoy sharing personal stories and experiences – it’s therapeutic to write them, it’s a liberating rush to share them, and I think it can also be quite fascinating for others to read these type of stories; we all sometimes enjoy a glimpse into other peoples’ personal-lives, minds and hearts – a walk in someone else’s shoes. But for me, this experience was unexpectedly too personal to share.

Perhaps my emotions were and are too fresh still. Or perhaps it’s because the details of this story are not just mine to share, but they also belong to my husband, my family, my unborn child. Maybe it seems wrong to entertain others with such a near-tragedy. Or perhaps, I am not as strong and honest a person as I attempt to project myself to be. Is it possible that a small part of me is ashamed to discuss the challenges I have faced with conception and carrying pregnancies to term? I don't think so but I’m not entirely sure. Haven’t I taken some pride in my willingness to share these personal stories? Isn’t that what my blog has been about? Sharing what goes on in my mind with the world?

I think my blog is about to embark in a new direction. I still want to tell fun stories, I still want to write entertaining posts that will sometimes make my readers laugh and at other times make them think, question or reexamine their beliefs, and I still want to share as much of myself and my life with my readers as possible. But I have become increasingly aware of my audience and a sense of responsibility towards them. I want to write more about my writing, about my projects, about my experiences as an author. As much fun as it is to write just for myself, I am not the only one reading my blog and I need to write for my readers too (even though I hope a lot of you have enjoyed what I've written/posted so far). Lately I’ve found myself thinking about how a blog should be different than a journal or a diary – or at least I would like this one to be. And I’ve reached the decision that some things may just be too personal to share. My posts will still be coming "From the Mind of Suzi" but... they may be filtered a bit more during the process of transforming my thoughts and opinions to words on a page.

This feels a little “heavy” so let’s end on a positive note. After all the ups and downs I’ve faced since finding out I’m pregnant again, I’m finally ready to announce it - I’m pregnant! I’m due September 5th, 2011 and am about… 15/16 weeks? I’ve seen my baby wiggling away on an ultrasound screen and I’ve heard his/her heartbeat, the most beautiful and precious sound in the world.

Life is good.


Jan 1, 2011

Getting my Christmas Cheer On

I have really enjoyed my time off work over Christmas. I’ve been busy promoting my new ebook, AMBER FROST, writing the sequel to it, and even finding some time to blog, read and take a few photo’s. We’ve visited friends, visited Santa, taken a family trip on the local “Christmas Train”, and even been to Church (for the first time in… umm… 7 years?).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend lots of time with you families and friends. That is exactly what I did this year and I couldn’t have imagined a more special time – or more hilarious. Because that’s what happens when the crazy-people-who-I-call-family all gather together.

Oh, where to start?

This was my son’s second Christmas but it will probably be the first that he’ll really remember (we think but who really knows!). It was amazing how quickly he grasped the concept of opening presents – this is the same child who frequently walks around with a bucket on his head and eats sand while saying “yum-yum” - my special Little Man. He caught on to the idea of opening presents very fast, but he definitely did not “get” the idea of giving presents. When we tried to encourage him to hand out the presents that were from him (he loves to hand out pictures of himself, modest little man) he freaked. There was a lot of “noooooo!” and “miiiiiiine!” and trying to open other peoples’ presents and run away with them. He’s not even 2 yet so he deserves a little bit of a break. But still – it was a little embarrassing. He did remember to use his “peas” and “dank-doos” appropriately though, so there was that at least!

My son’s Grandparents all went a little overboard this year in the "giving" department. The Little Man is the only grandchild on the hubbie’s side of the family and the only one in the country on my side. Our little monster actually got so tired of opening gifts at my in-laws that he started to say “no-no” when offered a present and would run and hide. He just wanted to play with his new, toy car on the kitchen floor and chase the in-laws’ dog. At my folks’ place his favorite toys were a fly swatter he found out on the deck and a penguin magnet he stole off their fridge. Isn’t that always the way?

As for myself, I was quite spoiled too. I especially enjoyed the Amazon gift card from my folks so I could load-up my Kindle (check Goodreads to see what I’m reading now) and also the Paderno cookware set from my in-laws. I never thought I would hear myself squeal in delight over a set of shiny, new pots and pans. My eighteen year-old self was definitely rolling her eyes.

The best gift this Christmas though was the arrangement made between the hubbie and I, and his sister and brother (and their respective partners). Instead of each couple buying gifts for the others, we each took the money we would have spent and donated it to our local food banks. It was a great idea; kudos to my sister-in-law and her fiancĂ© (still haven’t forgotten about the Giant Evil Bunny incident) for coming up with it. To be perfectly honest – it was fast, convenient, there was no wasteful spending and it felt SO good! The lady at the food bank was almost in tears when we dropped off our cheque. She thanked us profusely when really, all we were doing was dropping off a cheque – she was the one who was volunteering her time and effort! It still felt good.

The absolute best part of Christmas though was all the time spent with my loved ones; waking up Christmas morning, warm and happy in my husband’s arms, watching the joy on the Little Man’s face as he pulled a little train out of his stocking and starting yelling “CHOO-CHOO! Mumma! Dadda! CHOO-CHOO!” And all the good food and hugs and laughter – oh, it’s so corny but it’s true. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

No matter where you were, what you were doing and how you did (or didn’t) celebrate the Holidays, I hope you had a perfect time.