Sep 27, 2011

I'm Back - I Think

It’s been a long time, I know and I apologize. As I’m typing right now, I have my almost-three week old baby asleep on me and my two year old napping in the next room. Yes, life has been busy (insanely so!) but in the best possible way. Things are finally starting to settle down. I’m getting myself into a new routine and part of that includes making time for my writing, again.

Lots of exciting things are happening in my life right now – my first book, Amber Frost, is being released in PRINT (a “real” book as my Gran would say, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion). I’ve finished writing my second book, Silver Dew, (the sequel to Amber Frost) and it is currently going through the editing process in preparation for its release this December (in both print and e-formats!). And we have recently welcomed a new member to our family! Our beautiful little boy was born at the beginning of September. He’s my second child and thankfully, he sleeps more than his older brother ever did!

Having a newborn in the house again has brought a lot of changes and differences from the first time around. I laugh as I remember how much time we spent quietly gazing at our first child and murmuring in soft voices over how beautiful he was. Our second child is a little angel too (don’t get me wrong) but there’s little time for sitting and gazing in awe these days. We have our occasional quiet moments but most of our day is “go-go-go”. My two year old operates at one speed – turbo! And we all have to try to keep up. I’ve also realized since my second child was born just how LOUD my toddler is. His favorite game seems to be “wake-up baby” right now. My step-Dad laughed when I commented that I just realized how loud my older child is the other night and he informed me “we could have told you that a long time ago”.

I’m dealing with the inevitable Mummy-guilt too. No matter how hard I try, I feel like someone or something is getting neglected whether it’s my toddler, my new baby, my husband, my writing, my friends and even myself (mostly myself!). As a wise friend pointed out, we (as mothers) always seem to focus on what we aren’t doing “right” and we tend to overlook all of the things that we are. My main accomplishments these days are showering, getting laundry done (how does one tiny baby create three times as much laundry as a grown man?) and remembering to feed myself. But I’m also getting out of the house more each day, cooking, cleaning, playing and cuddling with my boys, writing, visiting with family and friends and also trying to find time for myself and my husband (who’s about to turn 30!!). I’m trying to celebrate the small victories, like finally updating my blog and going to the grocery store, alone, with my two boys – and surviving! It’s been said before but I’ll say it again, being a Mom is the greatest and hardest job on Earth.

I will try and post again soon; it’s on my never-ending “To-Do” list. In the meantime, check my website, Twitter and Facebook pages for news on upcoming events. I’ll be doing a live chat with The Long and Short of It, Yahoo chat group tomorrow (read my recent interview with The Long and Short of It HERE). Keep your eyes on the Amaterasu Reads site for an upcoming review and giveaway of Amber Frost too. Books in the Spotlight will also be featuring a review of Amber Frost this Fall.

Thanks again for reading what I write.



  1. Your life sounds a lot like mine...
    I have a baby due in Dec, crazy 3 year old running around, moving next month, trying to write/plan and 3rd book, and find a home for my first two.

    But enough about me. Congrats on baby 2! Just keep doing the best you can, and it'll all work out... I really believe that. I am super excited for Silver Dew, and can't wait to get my hands on it!!

  2. CONGRATS Brandi! That's exciting news. Yes, our lives do sound a bit similar - busy but fun :)
    Thanks for all your support.