Jun 10, 2012

Adventures in Kindergarten: Rubber Boots & Elf Shoes

This week I thought I would feature a fun and unique blog by a colleague (and friend!) of mine that shares the adventures, learning, creativity and fun from her Kindergarten classroom. Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes is a fantastic blog by Sandi (or Mrs. Sandi), friend and teacher to many a charming munchkin, brilliant educator and Masters degree holder, and wearer of both rubber boots and elf shoes (I have also seen her in the classroom dressed as a pirate, an 1880's school ma'am and a "west-coast" Cinderella, to name a few!).

Sandi describes her blog as...
"Kindergarten adventures: inside, outside, creating, exploring, building, imagining, growing, usually messy, rarely quiet, always fun."

Sandi's classroom is a fun and welcoming place full of learning and exploration. What I love about her blog is the huge variety of posts in such a friendly, fun and accessible format. Not only does Sandi share her classroom's adventures, activities and creations through photos and short, entertaining posts but she also offers free printables, shares videos, introduces us to new books to find and new blogs to follow, and a ton of great craft and activity ideas (that fellow educators and parents will both love). Not to mention the occasional giveaway and guest blog posts! At Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes you will not only share in the joy, spontaneity and creativity of a Kindergarten classroom, you will also learn new things and might even make some new friends - and isn't that what Kindergarten is all about?

Go check out Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes HERE and please "like" this fantastic blog on Facebook HERE.

More fun features yet to come.



  1. Thank you so much for highlighting Sandi's blog. She is amazing, I agree. I love your books. I used to teach 6th and 8th grade and still have a penchant for YA books.

    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine